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Buying on Numa

Our selection criteria is extremely strict.  That being said, breathing new life into pre-loved clothes is what we do.  Some items may have possible signs of light use. We will however NEVER sell worn-out, old, dirty, broken items.

We aim to add items on a weekly basis.

EFT, Debit/Credit card online.  We also offer ZAPPER payments.  Unfortunately we do not accept cash payments.

Nationally/South Africa.

We do not deliver to PO boxes. Only Physical Addresses.  Also make sure that someone is at home when the courier company arrives to sign for your parcel.

Please note that we are not a delivery company and unfortunately can not guarantee exact delivery times.  A Track&Trace option is available online from our Courier Partners.  Delivery costs depend on your location.

Selling on Numa

If the clothes you want to sell meet our strict selection criteria, please email us and we will gladly assist you.

Items will be assessed and a formal quote will be sent to you no later than 3-5 business days.

If you accept the quote, payment will be made accordingly.  If you do not accept the quote, pick-up/courier will have to be scheduled for the next day by you.  If the quotation is not accepted within a week from delivery to Numa, the bundle/bag will be donated.

Please note that when your quote is sent out, take into account the work required to sort, style, photograph, list and store clothing as well as sell it from our side.

All prices are determined at the discretion of Numa.

Drop off of bundles/bags in Pretoria is free.
If you request your items to be returned if you do not accept the quote, courier costs will be for your own account.

You may send as many items as you want! We do however accepts a minimum of 10 items.
Courier delivery is for your own account.  Items can also be dropped off at the Numa head office in Lynnwood Glen.

Payments are made as soon as your quote is accepted.  Processing times vary between banks

We are very strict on the quality of our items. Have a look at our Selection Criteria for all the do’s and don’ts.

Clothes will be selected at Numa’s own discretion.

If too few items match our selection criteria we reserve the right to reject the whole bundle/bag. You will have the choice to collect/courier the clothes back (at your own cost) or we will gladly donate to one of our preferred charities.

What might not be sellable on Numa can still be very wearable. The items we did not buy will be donated to Rock of Hope Safe House and Orange Babies.

You can choose to have the rejected items back as well.  The cost to have the remaining clothes returned will be at your own cost or pick-up can be arranged.

Please note that clothes not claimed/collected within 10 days will systematically be sent for donation.

Selection Criteria

  • All children’s clothing from newborn – 10 years
  • Freshly-cleaned clothes in new or like-new condition
  • On-trend clothing
  • Minimum bundles of 10 items
  • Shoes
  • Never been used bibs, socks, swimwear, pajamas and baby vests (this means tag still on or no tag but never worn)
  • Accessories such as swaddles, blankets, sleep sacks, hats, beanies etc.
  • Homemade clothing
  • Clothing that shows signs of excessive wear with tears, stains, holes, pilling, fading, missing buttons, broken zips or damaged seams.
  • Dirty clothing & clothes with pet hair on them.
  • Used socks, bibs, underwear, toys, bath wear, swimwear, pajamas or used baby vests.
  • Clothes without a size label

Refunds and Returns

Our selection criteria for clothes we sell are very strict – specifically to make sure all items are in excellent condition.
If you do find clothes that weren’t as you expected or don’t fit, we will gladly accept returns under terms and conditions

Before returning the item, please get in touch with us first on WhatsApp 082 462 5305 or send us an email at [email protected]

You can choose a refund via EFT. Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable.

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