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Sell with us

Sell with us

Get instant gratification by selling your second-hand children's clothing with us.
You also don’t have to wait for your items to sell to get paid! That is the best part!
We pay upfront!

What do we buy ?

All children’s clothing from newborn to 10 years
Freshly-cleaned clothes in new or like-new condition
On-trend clothing
We buy bundles of minimum 10 items

How do we pay ?

You will receive a quote after we have assessed the contents of your delivery
You can then choose between an EFT or cash payout

What can you send ?

Pre-owned and like-new children’s clothing from newborn to 10 years
Freshly-cleaned and odor free clothes.
A minimum of 10 items matching our selection criteria

Please do not send

Homemade clothing
Clothing that shows signs of excessive wear with tears, stains, holes, pilling, fading, missing buttons, broken zips or damaged seams.
Dirty clothing & clothes with pet hair on them.
Used socks, bibs, underwear, toys, bathwear.
Clothes without a size label

Don't fit the criteria ?

No need to worry if your clothing does not fit the above criteria! We are an honorary member of Rock of Hope Safe House and all unused items will be donated to them.
Please visit them on Facebook by clicking here

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